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CANNED AND CRUSHED – (now available in paperback!)

Canned and Crushed book by author Bibi Belford now out on paperback!
CANNED AND CRUSHED by Bibi Belford is available at Amazon and several other book retailers.
Teachers – need resources for this book? Head over to the CANNED AND CRUSHED teacher resources page.

CROSSING THE LINE – (historical middle grade fiction, new for 2017)

Crossing the Line -a middle grade historical fiction novel by author Bibi Belford
CROSSING THE LINE by Bibi Belford is available at Amazon and will be coming soon to several other book retailers in 2017.

THE GIFT – (digital / ebook)

THE GIFT digital book by author Bibi Belford
THE GIFT is for readers who want to read in digital format, and it will appeal to readers of  CANNED AND CRUSHED, as a standalone companion story. This book and is available in digital / eBook format. This gift-themed story makes a great gift for any young reader! 😉

Sandro wants to know if you read CANNED AND CRUSHED?

Hi there, I’m Sandro. Sandro-the recycling king. Sandro-the soccer sensation. Sandro-the-hero. I see you’re thinking about reading this book. Great idea! You should definitely read about me, a kid who saves his sister’s life and the environment at the same time. A kid who kicks the championship soccer goal. A kid who’s a hometown-hero and never gets into trouble. What’s that? You say it sounds too good to be true? Well, I guess I might be exaggerating, just a little. Oh, all right. A lot. In fact, I’m not too proud about some of the things that happen in this book. You know what? I think you better put this book down. Go read Harry Potter. Now that kid was really a hero. But honestly, where would he be without his magic wand? Probably just like you and me. On second thought—go ahead, read this book.

canned and crushed book read and tell

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